Additional Materials:

Three colors of yarn (your choice), Black felt, White felt, Ruler

About this Project

Create the purr-fect winter accessory for the cat-lover in your life. This cat hat is super cute, and also an easy project for a crafter of any skill level.

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  • 1
    Using the Stitch Studio™ by Nicole Loom, create the hat following the instructions on the package using one of the colors of yarn.
  • 2
    Create two pom poms in the second color of yarn with the largest pom pom maker. Trim the pom poms into pointed ear shapes, and then tie them to the top of the hat. Create one, smaller pom pom with a third color of yarn and tie it to the front of the hat to create the nose.
  • 3
    Cut three 6?" pieces of yarn. Using a needle, thread the pieces behind the nose for whiskers and glue the ends to the hat to secure.
  • 4
    Download and print the project template. Use it to create the eyes from felt, glue them together, and then glue them to the hat.