13 Materials Needed:

Window Picture Frame, Assorted Floral, Wood Veneer Shapes, Pale Pink Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, 5/8-inch Satin Ribbon, Scrapbook Paper, Quick Grip Glue, Floral Foam, Floral Tape, Craft Knife, Wire Cutters, Hot Glue

About this Project

Finally, a reason to love doing windows! Create a fabulous wreath for your front door using a photo frame and gorgeous spring flowers.

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  • 1
    Cut a small piece of floral foam to fit into bottom corner of frame. Hot glue in place.
  • 2

    Glue any long pieces of floral, like the pussy willow branches, along the sides of the frame first so they can become the bottom layer of the design. Build the rest of the design from the center floral foam block.


    1. Start with larger flowers you want to have as a focal point, then work outward. Secure the flowers into the foam block with hot glue.

    2. To help small groups of flowers stay together or lay correctly, use floral tape to bundle them together before adhering to frame.

    3. Add leaves or filler to separate flowers that are similar in color to help add dimension.

    4. Dont be afraid to have some filler flowers break the line of the frame edge. It will add a more natural look to the design.

  • 3
    Paint the Hello LOVE wood shape with pale pink acrylic paint. Glue a heart shape to the right side so it fits snugly into one pane of the window. Use Quick Grip glue to attach the wood veneers inside the window pane edge.
  • 4
    Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame and close.
  • 5
    Cut a 10-inch piece of satin ribbon and glue to back of frame to create a hanger. Use the Quick Grip adhesive for a stronger hold.