8 Materials Needed:

Smooth Glass Mason Jar, 3'' Styrofoam Disc, 1.5 Sq. Yard Cheese Cloth, Halloween Ribbon, 22 mm Wiggle Eyes, 16 oz. Stiffy Stiffener, 1'' Sponge Brush, Hot Glue & Glue Gun

About this Project

Here's a Halloween decor project that you'll love getting all wrapped up in! Grab a mason jar, some cheese cloth, and some basic craft supplies to make a mummy mason jar character. Make a pair of mummies or mix and match other frighteningly festive characters here.

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  • 1
    Glue the Styrofoam disc together and then glue the mason jar upside-down on top of the disc.
  • 2
    Completely wrap the mason jar and the disc with cheese cloth. With the sponge brush, brush on the stiffener as you wrap. TIP: Make sure the cheese cloth is completely covered.
  • 3
    Place the wiggle eyes where you want them and then wrap a new piece of cheese cloth over the eyes.
  • 4
    Once the mummy is completely dry, Wrap ribbon around the neck and tie into a bow.