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Items needed to complete this project.

Haunted House: Diorama Pumpkin Floral Foam Black Tulle Purple Mini Lights Acrylic Paint Hot Glue Desired Halloween Fairy Garden Elements Day of the Dead: White Diorama Pumpkin Gems Black Paint Pen Acrylic Paint Neon Paint Foam Brush Stick-on Moss LED Fariy Lights Desired Accessories Witch: Black Diorama Pumpkin Small Witch Hat Witch Leg Picks Mod Podge Glitter Paint Brush Hot Glue Embellishments

Diorama Pumpkins

A.C. Moore Craftologists

Enter, if you dare! Set a spooky scene inside a hollowed out diorama pumpkin. Add mini lights, creatures and embellishments that complement your personal Halloween style.

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    Haunted House Pumpkin

    1. Paint a background on the inside of the pumpkin to add depth to your scene. Use acrylic paint to create a simple silhouette scene of trees.

    2. Layer the floral foam to add dimension to the ground. Use moss to hide any imperfections. Cut up branch-shaped floral stems to create small haunted trees to add to the scenery.

    3. Add light to the inside of the pumpkin by creating tiny holes in the background and inserting lights from the outside. This will create tiny specks of light that resemble stars.

    4. Use tulle to create a bow on top of the pumpkin. Pull on the width of the tulle to create a ragged, wrinkled look. Add spider webs, skulls, and crow to complete the look.

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    Day of the Dead Pumpkin

    1. Paint the inside of the pumpkin with acrylic paint, ranging from bright pink to turquoise. To create an ombre effect, use a dry foam brush to blur the gradient of colors. Base coat small skulls in white paint, than follow with neon. (The base layer makes the neon really pop!)

    2. Trace a flourish pattern on the outside of the pumpkin with a black paint marker, then fill in with black acrylic paint.

    3. Decorate the outside of the pumpkin with gemstones, butterflies, and other colorful elements. Place the gems on the outside of the pumpkin in a repeating symmetrical pattern.

    4. Poke holes on the inside of the pumpkin with an X-Acto knife, then plug the LED fairy lights into each hole.

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    Witch's Belly Pumpkin

    1. Cut off stem of pumpkin using X-Acto knife so that the witch's hat sits flush against the top of the pumpkin. Coat the opening rim of the pumpkin with Mod Podge. Sprinkle glitter onto the front of the pumpkin. Shake off excess and let dry.

    2. Fill inside of the pumpkin with embellishments of your choice, we used mini pumpkins, spiders and artificial spiderwebs. If you want to light the pumpkin, cut a small slit in the back and push led lights through.

    3. Hot glue witch's hat to the top of the pumpkin and glue witch’s legs to the base.

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