11 Materials Needed:

One Orange Half Pumpkin, 1/2 Piece of Desert Foam, Spanish Moss, Fall Sunflower Bush, Assorted Fall Bushes & Green Filler, Small Orange Pumpkin, Fall Leaves, Three 1'' Wood Candle Cups, Glass Nuggets, U-Shape Pins, Hot Glue & Gun

About this Project

We're combining a few of our favorite fall things with this easy DIY. Grab a half pumpkin, flowers, foliage, and a few basic craft supplies and let your creativity blossom with this festive fall flower basket.

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  • 1
    Glue candle cups onto the bottom of the pumpkin to help it stand properly. Hot glue the desert foam and nuggets, for stability, to the inside of the pumpkin. Cover the foam with Spanish moss and use U-shape pins to hold the moss in place.
  • 2
    Glue fall leaves around the edges of the pumpkin. Cut stems off bushes and insert flowers and filler in the pumpkin to create an arrangement.
  • 3
    Accent the pumpkin by hot gluing the small pumpkin along the half pumpkin's edge.