4 Materials Needed:

Colored Styrofoam Eggs, Acrylic Paint, Small Rounded Paint Brush, Liner Paint Brush

About this Project

FIll your nest, and Easter baskets, with custom hand-painted eggs featuring easy-to-create dotted designs.

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  • 1
    Make sure the acrylic paint is not so thick that it does not release from the brush easily. Add a small bit of water to thin paint if necessary.
  • 2
    Dip the tip of the small round brush into the paint and hold above surface of egg where you want the flower petals to go.
  • 3
    Paint all your flower petals first (you can alter size of dots by picking up more or less paint depending on desired size) then add a white dot to create center of flower.
  • 4
    Add leaves last by using the tip of the liner brush and painting small teardrop shapes scattered around the flowers.
  • 5
    Add small green dots to fill in any gaps.