17 Materials Needed:

24" Grapevine Tree, 8" Styrofoam Ball, 5" Styrofoam Egg, 4" Styrofoam Egg, 3 Rolls White Deco Mesh, 1 Roll Pink Deco Mesh, Chenille Stems, Wiggle Eyes, White and Pink Pom-Poms, Assorted Flowers, Ribbon, 24-Gauge Paddle Wire, Hot Glue, Black Marker, Accessories: Hat, Carrot, Eggs

About this Project

Every-bunny will love this adorable deco mesh Easter bunny! Dress her up using wiggle eyes, pom-poms, chenille stems and your favorite springtime props!

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  • 1
    Hot glue 8" Styrofoam ball to top of form to create head.
  • 2
    Starting at the top, wrap base with white deco mesh. Fluff deco mesh as you work your way down and attach with wire.
  • 3
    To create ears, fold 30" of white and pink deco mesh in half, placing pink inside of white. Secure with wire. Loop a chenille stem through the fold. Set aside.
  • 4
    Wire the front brim of the hat to create a base for your flowers. Hot glue decorations onto hat. Cut 2 slits into crown of hat to hold ears. Hot glue ears onto hat. Glue hat onto head.
  • 5
    Create the face. Use chenille stems for eyelashes, whiskers and mouth. Glue a pink and white pom-pom together to create nose. Attach wiggle eyes.
  • 6
    Cut 4" Styrofoam egg in half lengthwise to create front paws. Add toe marks with black marker. Glue paws to body.
  • 7
    Cut 5" Styrofoam egg in half lengthwise to create feet. Add toe marks with black marker. Glue feet to front edge of body.
  • 8
    Create a 2-loop bow with ribbon and glue under head. Add additional decorations as desired.