Additional Materials:

Gloves, Ribbon, Pencil

About this Project

Your holiday decor will be on fire with these red-hot tips for DIY ornaments. Use a burner tool to add smooth lines, patterns, and designs to personalized wooden ornaments for your tree.

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  • 1
    Heat your wood burner for at least 15 minutes before using. Make sure to wear heat-protected gloves.
  • 2
    Trace a symmetrical pattern onto your ornament in pencil; lines, stars and shapes work well with the tool.
  • 3
    Apply the wood burner over your design. Move over the design quickly, not staying in one spot for too long. Swap tips using pliers for different levels of pressure; a flat tip works best for filling in large shapes, and a pointed tip works best for lines. For smooth lines, make sure the pen is pulling toward you, not away.
  • 4
    Tie a ribbon to your ornament for hanging. Allow the pen to fully cool down before storing, approximately 25 minutes.
  • 5