9 Materials Needed:

Paper Mache Cone Trees, Crepe Paper: Lime Green, Dark Green, Pink, Red, Scissors, Pencil, Ruler/T-Square, Glue Stick

About this Project

It's not what's under the tree, it's what's around it. Wrap yourself up in an old-fashioned holiday with ruffled cone trees made with colorful crepe paper.

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  • 1
    Glue a strip of crepe paper along bottom edge of cone and tuck half the width underneath.
  • 2
    Use ruler to mark every 3/4" up the length of the cone. Repeat process around entire cone three more times.
  • 3
    Skipping the bottom mark, place glue along line of marks and gather the crepe paper around cone. Apply glue in small sections so it doesnt dry out. When you get to the beginning, overlap the crepe paper slightly and trim. Continue making your way up the cone layer by layer. TIP: When working on the smaller sections, gather the crepe paper first before applying to the cone.
  • 4
    For the final layer, fold the crepe paper under to keep the distance equal and place just above end of cone.