6 Materials Needed:

Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Medium Round Plaque, Several Sharpie Markers in Your Choice of Colors (make sure one is Silver or Gold), Morex Justina 5/8" x 3 yd Ribbon in Red, Nicole Crafts 9 foot Red Berry Garland Dual Temperature Trigger Glue Gun String Lights on a Wire & 18" PVC Canadian Pine Wreath, Surebonder All Purpose Glue Sticks, Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

Use a few Sharpie markers to easily give your holiday wreath a colorful, personalized touch that's also a fun twist on the traditional wreath. Click here to see all of our Nontraditional Wreath ideas.

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  • 1
    In the center of the plaque, draw an outline of a letter with a metallic marker.
  • 2
    Draw vertical lines of different thicknesses in different colors, and then repeat drawing horizontal lines, letting the lines intersect to create a plaid pattern. (Tip: you can also do the horizontal lines first and then the vertical ones.)
  • 3
    Place plaque onto wreath where desired, and use a hot glue gun to attach plaque to this spot.
  • 4
    Accent branches with garland and lights.
  • 5
    Cut 23" piece” of ribbon, tie into a bow and trim ends on an angle. Glue to the top of basswood.