About this Project

Don’t tie yourself in knots getting ready for the holidays! Whether part of your decor or wrapped around a present under the Christmas tree, bows are a significant part of the season. The good news is, making a bow is a lot easier than it seems. Learn how to create flat, looped, and round ribbon bows with these simple step-by-step videos from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1

    Use decorative ribbon (we chose one with a scalloped edge) to create a big, beautiful round bow for your holiday wreath. Start with a large 9" loop and then wrap remaining ribbon to double the amount of loops.

  • 2

    A handmade bow just makes everything prettier! Here, the A.C. Moore Craftologists show you how to make a stunning flat bow using two sizes of holiday ribbon.

  • 3

    A wired ribbon makes it easier to create fuller loops. Watch the A.C. Moore Craftologists make a 12-loop bow using festive buffalo plaid ribbon.