13 Materials Needed:

Enviro Tex Lite Resin, Resin Plastic Cups, Glitter, Silicone Snowflake Mold, Fine-Grit Sandpaper, Gloss Varnish, Ribbon, Paintbrush, Scissors, Craft Sticks, Rubber Gloves, Hot Glue, Plastic Cups

About this Project

What's a holiday tree without a little glitter? Sparkle through the season with DIY ornaments made with clear resin and a custom glitter mix.

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  • 1
    In six different plastic cups, mix various colors of glitter with a craft stick. Set aside. TIP: Combine various colors, shapes, and textures to create a custom glitter mix.
  • 2
    Follow resin instructions to create mixture. Wear rubber gloves at all times and work in a ventilated area. Slowly pour resin into each snowflake mold, filling halfway. Pour glitter into the mold, and mix into the resin with a craft stick. Let dry for 24 hours.
  • 3
    Remove snowflake from mold and place on covered surface. Smooth out surface of snowflake with sandpaper and wipe clean with a washcloth. Apply one coat of gloss varnish, and let dry.
  • 4
    Cut 8 inches of ribbon. Hot glue one side of the ribbon to the back and let dry. Loop the ribbon and secure with hot glue to create the hanger. Let dry.