About this Project

Fa-la-la-la floral! Floral arrangement is indeed an art form. Just ask anyone who has tried to put together a wreath, holiday mantel, or tablescape. And sometimes, it's the simplest adjustment that turns drab into fab. Our floral experts have put together these 10 tips to make sure your arrangements will always have a professional look.

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  • 1

    Mix textures. Different fabrics reflect light differently, creating depth for your design.  

  • 2

    Feathers, pearls, crystals, glitter, ribbon, and lighted branches are fun and unexpected ways to add texture and movement.  The A.C. Moore Craftologists used diamond dust to add a layer of frostiness to this holiday garland, and finished with painted snowy accents.

  • 3

    Think about proportion and balance. Use large containers for large flowers or arrangements and small containers for smaller flowers or arrangements. Also, consider where your wreath or arrangement is going. What size do you need to balance the space?  

  • 4

    Consider the mood of your space and furnishings. Symmetrical arrangements feel balanced and grounded, asymmetrical arrangements and wreaths create a feeling of movement. Create a minimalist asymmetrical wreath using wood-stained embroidery hoops and holiday flower picks.

  • 5

    It all starts with a good base. If you are using a pine-like wreath, “fluff” your wreath by separating the branches. This will allow you to make your wreath look bigger and fuller and find any empty spaces that need to be filled with picks, flowers, or other decorations. If you are making an arrangement from scratch, use a Styrofoam base to ensure your flowers stay exactly where you put them.

  • 6

    Everything looks more natural in odd numbers, especially in groups of 3 or 5.  

  • 7

    Lay out your design before you start gluing anything in place. It becomes far more difficult to fix something after it's been set in place.

  • 8

    Done with your design but still have some empty spaces? Fill in with greenery! The Craftologists spruced up this natural-look wreath with pine and floral picks.

  • 9

    If your arrangement will be seen from all sides, make sure you don’t forget about the back. Rotate your arrangement as you work to make sure you’re filling in all sides. This oversized 3-Tier Christmas ornament is perfect for your entryway, living room, kitchen or even outdoor décor.

  • 10

    Get a different perspective. Take a few steps back from your arrangement or try hanging your wreath on the wall. Is it ready? Do you need to add something? Does anything need to be re-positioned? 

  • 11
    When in doubt, stop into your local A.C. Moore for more tips and advice from our in-store floral design experts. Buy an arrangement pre-made, or take advantage of free arranging service when you buy your materials from A.C. Moore!