Additional Materials:

Sculpey Premo Clay in Raw Sienna, Black & Turquoise, Abrasive Sponge, Toothpick, Sculpey Bake & Bond

About this Project

B is for baby! Create adorable decor for your nursery using Sculpey Premo clay. Pick your wood letter, paint it and decorate it with precious little teddy bears made of oven-bake clay.

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    Before Starting:
    Work on a protected surface, like Sculpey's Work 'n Bake Clay Mat, wax paper, a metal baking sheet or disposable foil. Cover your crafting area. Clean hands with baby wipes before starting and when working with a new clay color.

    Paint your wood letter. Let it dry and sand it lightly to create an antique effect. Roll a 1/4 block of Ecru clay into a ball and press the abrasive sponge on it gently to create the fur. Press your finger on one side to create a place for the muzzle. Flatten a small ball of Ecru clay. Take another 1/4 of the clay block and shape into two cones for the arms. Make a flattened ball to create one paw. Texture with the sponge to match the head. Condition the Raw Sienna clay and repeat the steps above, but make one arm and two paws. Make a Raw Sienna ball for the muzzle and put it on the Ecru head.

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    Use a toothpick to mark the muzzle. Put a smaller flattened ball of Raw Sienna clay on a little ball of Ecru. Cut into half and then use a toothpick to create the ears and three little holes for the mouth and eyes. Assemble the head.
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    Use the Premo Black clay to make two little balls for the eyes and Premo Burnt Umber clay for the nose. Repeat in the opposite colors for the other bear face. Create the paws using small alternating color balls. Use Sculpey Bake & Bond to assemble the bear parts to your wood letter and bake according to the directions on packaging.