Additional Materials:

Sculpey Premo Clay in White, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Turquoise & Fuchsia, Premo Sculpey Accents Clay in Pearl, Sculpey III Clay in Ballerina & Tranquility, Sculpey Style & Detail Tool Set, Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set, Sculpey Bake & Bond, Ceramic Tile, Plastic Egg, Craft Knife, Acrylic Roller, Paints in White, Light Pink & Lavender, Paint Brush, Matte Glaze, Toothpicks, Baby Wipes

About this Project

The hunt is over! The cutest Easter craft is here. Create these adorable bunny cups with Sculpey clay to showcase your favorite Easter eggs.

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  • 1
    Work on a protected surface, like Sculpey's Work 'n Bake Clay Mat, wax paper, a metal baking sheet or disposable foil. Cover your crafting area. Clean hands with baby wipes before starting and when working with a new clay color. Make a 1.5" white clay ball with your hands. Place it onto your ceramic tile and use your thumb to flatten 3/4 of the ball. Form the ears of the bunny with the remaining 1/4 of the ball. Your piece should look like a chair with two backs.
  • 2
    Add a little water to the ceramic tile clay to keep it from sticking. Take a plastic egg and press down on the flattened part of the ball.
  • 3
    Keep the plastic egg in place and use your fingers to form the bunny ears (3/4" high x 1/2" wide). Smooth around the base of the bunny and form the head. Take your 7 mm Style & Detail Tool and create a 1/2" long impression inside each of the ears.
  • 4
    Use the clay knife tool from the Clay Tool Starter Set to sculpt a face for your bunny. Make a Y shape at the center for the nose and mouth. Add three lines on each side for whiskers. Use the 5 mm Style & Detail tool to make the eyes.
  • 5
    Carefully remove the plastic egg from your bunny. Smooth out the impression with your fingers. Cut a 1/2" piece off a toothpick. Apply some Bake & Bond onto the end of the toothpick and insert it into the back, leaving 1/4" sticking out. Roll a 1/4" size ball of White clay and add it to the end of the toothpick to create the tail.
  • 6
    Mix turquoise and pearl clay together. Roll out a thin strip with an acrylic roller to create the ear inserts. Use your craft knife to cut two long oval shapes for the center of your bunny ears. Apply the ear inserts to the center. Use your 7 mm Style & Detail Tool to burnish them in.
  • 7
    Take a small piece of ballerina clay and flatten it out with your acrylic roller. Use your craft knife to cut a small 1/4" triangle for the nose.
  • 8
    For the center design, add a small ball of the fuchsia clay to the middle. Add smaller balls of clay in turquoise and tranquility around the fuchsia. Use your 8 mm Style & Detail Stylus to burnish them into the clay. Add a small white ball of clay to the center of the fuchsia, and then a smaller ball of cadmium yellow hue on top. Burnish them into the clay.
  • 9
    Finish off your bunny by using a craft knife or a toothpick to create tiny fur impressions. Bake in your oven according to the package instructions. Once cooled, lightly sand your piece before painting. Use a toothpick to apply lavender paint for the eyes and to make white dots for inside of the ears. Use a paintbrush to paint the mouth and whiskers in lavender. Paint the tail white and the nose light pink. Once your paint has dried, apply two coats of matte glaze.