Additional Materials:

Fabric Scissors, Needle-Nose Pliers

About this Project

Shoot to cloud nine with this braided yarn-wrapped rainbow wreath featuring fluffy pom-pom clouds.

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  • 1
    Cut fifteen 24 strands of yarn and tie onto the wireform wreath. Gather three sections of 5 strands and braid. Wrap the braid around the wreath, filling up one half of a segment. Tie in back. Repeat with all colors to create a rainbow.
  • 2
    Clip the wireform 1" below the first and last color blocks. Discard excess wire. Bend the bottom of the exposed wire upward using pliers.
  • 3
    Create 8-10 pom-poms of various sizes using Stitch Studio Chateau yarn. Tie pom-poms onto wreath to resemble clouds.