3 Materials Needed:

Fiskars Scissors, T-Shirts or Yarn Scissors & Tape, Glue Charms Beads and/or Buttons (optional - see step 3)

About this Project

Both big kids and little kids will love this cool spin on the typical friendship bracelet! Upcycle a t-shirt or go through yarn stash and make a bracelet. Add charms or beads for a personalized touch and share with friends!

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    Big Kids:
    Step A: Cut 1” wide strips from old T-shirts.
    Step B: Pull and stretch the fabric out a little bit to make the edges of the fabric curl.
    Step C: At one end, tie three strips together into a knot.
    Step D: Braid the strips on the other end to the desired length. Be sure to leave enough room at the end to tie another knot.
    Step E: Undo the knot from the beginning and tie the ends together to make one knot.
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    Little Kids:
    Step A: Cut two strands each of three different colored yarns.
    Step B: Tape the yarn to a work surface, and tie knots using one color at a time. Start with the two strings on the far left, and tie knots around each pair of strings to the right until you have completed a row. Continue with this pattern until you have reached the desired length.
    Step C: Tie a knot at the end to close the design and then tie both ends together to fit.
  • 3
    Regardless of the bracelet you make -- when you are done, glue on charms, beads or buttons in your favorite colors for an extra personal touch!