14 Materials Needed:

Fun-kins, Diorama Pumpkin, Stencil Vinyl, Black Vinyl, Transfer Tape: LED Lights, Acrylic Paint, Milk Paint, Mod Podge, Glitter, X-Acto Knife, Scissors, Foam Brush, Paint Brush, Foam Dauber

About this Project

Hello, Gourdgeous! Get your message across with statement-making pumpkins using stencils, paint and Mod Podge.

Create your own, snap a picture, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

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    Download template. Resize to fit shape and size of pumpkin. Print out and stencil onto pumpkin, or cut out stencil using Cricut.

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    Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin: Place stencil onto black pumpkin with transfer tape. Use a foam brush to apply 3-4 light coats of acrylic paint onto the stencil to prevent bleeding. TIP: If paint bleeds, use a black paint marker to hide the white paint. Let dry.
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    Smell My Feet Pumpkin: Using Cricut, cut out the quote onto black vinyl, weed the negative space from the design and transfer to pumpkin. Brush glossy Mod Podge onto top of the pumpkin, covering the stem, and add glitter. Let dry.
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    Home Address (413) Pumpkin: Select your home number from the template and apply to pumpkin, either cut and stenciled, or printed and traced. Apply 5-6 light coats of milk paint on the bottom half of the pumpkin in light natural brush strokes. Stencil and apply light coats of black acrylic paint to the pumpkin. Let dry.
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    BOO Light Up Pumpkin: Print out BOO template and lay over diorama pumpkin, with the open side facing back. Using an X-Acto knife, lightly cut indents into the pumpkin where you will be creating the holes. TIP: Cut out each letter from the paper and apply separately onto the pumpkin. Remove paper, and carve the knife into each hole, making sure the hole extends to the inside of the pumpkin. Wipe down excess dust with cloth. Begin placing LED lights into each hole, pinching the lights in to keep intact. Place battery box into back of pumpkin.