12 Materials Needed:

Fun-Kin Carvable Pumpkins in Size and Colors of Your Choice, Acrylic Paint in Cranberry Wine or Color of Your Choice, Sponge Brush, Paintbrush, White Paint Marker, Chalk Cartridge, Dressmaker Pins, Gray Floss, Flat Nose Pliers, Sandpaper, Pumpkin Carving Tools, Q-Tip

About this Project

Drink in this collection of crafty autumn decor for your next night of wine and fall crafts. Three ways to use carvable pumpkins, including a wine cooler, string art, and calligraphy!

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    More Boos Please Pumpkin:

    • Using the sponge brush, paint pumpkin in three coats of cranberry wine. Let dry between coats.

    • Use chalk to write out words to your liking, and then go over the chalk with a white paint marker.

  • 2

    Wine Cooler Pumpkin:

    • Use a pumpkin carving knife to cut the pumpkin open, and use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.

    • Line the inside of the pumpkin with a plastic bag and fill with ice.

  • 3

    Wine Glass String Art Pumpkin:

    • Use chalk to draw a wine glass on the pumpkin. Stick pins along the outline of the glass, leaving 1/4'' sticking out. TIP: Use the flat nose pliers to help apply the pins. Then, use a damp q-tip to erase the chalk lines.

    • Paint wine in the glass with the cranberry wine paint.

    • Knot floss around a pin to start and continue knotting each pin until all are knotted. Knot the end of the floss to finish.