Additional Materials:

Envirotex Lite Resin and Hardener, Mixing Cups, Gemstone Silicone Molds, Hex Bolts and Nuts

About this Project

Add gemstone vibes to your dressers and doors with these Resin Opal Knobs. This easy project is sure to add some extra sparkle to your home.

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  • 1

    In one mixing cup, pour some glitter. In another cup, cut tiny shreds out of the holographic ribbon egg. Set holographic ribbon shreds aside.

  • 2

    Mix resin according to instructions. Pour the resin into the glitter cup and mix together well with a craft stick.

  • 3

    Pour resin mixture into silicone molds, filling about halfway up. Use heat gun to remove resin bubbles. Take a craft stick and dip into leftover resin, then use stick to pick up holographic ribbon shreds, piece by piece. Place into mold with holographic side facing down. Let resin molds sit for 2-3 hours: resin should be semi-cured.

  • 4

    Mix resin, 2-3 drops of white paint, and 5 drops of pearlizing medium in a cup. Mix well with a craft stick, then pour into mold on top of resin. Fill each mold to top. Let sit for an hour.

  • 5

    Cut a small hole in the bottom of a paper cup. Place a bolt into the cup, with the head dipping into the resin mold. Secure the bolt in place with a hex nut. Let resin fully cure for 24-48 hours.

  • 6

    Remove cups and resin molds from silicone. Screw into cabinets, mason jar lids, and more!