8 Materials Needed:

Acrylic Paint, Liquitex Pouring Medium, Canvas, Deep Cake Pan, Cooling Tray, Plastic Cups, Craft Sticks, Plastic Gloves

About this Project

Don't spill your wine, but DO spill your paint. Learn how to dirty pour, puddle and dip your canvas to create one-of-a-kind wall art.

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  • 1
    Mix equal parts acrylic paint and Liquitex in plastic cups. If the paint does not flow easily, add more Liquitex. Place cooling rack inside cake pan and place canvas onto tray.
  • 2

    Puddle Pour: Create unique patterns by tipping the canvas in various directions.

    Pour four separate spots or "puddles" of paint onto canvas. Continue adding colors to the puddles until they run together in the center of the canvas. Use a craft stick to create a swirl through the puddles and then tilt canvas in different directions so that the paint runs across the surface. Make sure paint has reached all sides of the canvas. Let dry.

  • 3

    Dirty Pour: Combine all colors in a single cup to create a marbling effect.

    Start with a base color in your cup and slowly add small amounts of different colors. Continue layering different paint colors into cup; we used about 8 layers of color. Do not stir paint. Pour paint over entire canvas until you are satisfied with the result. Tilt canvas in different directions to cover entire surface. Let dry.

  • 4

    Dipping: Dip surface of canvas into mixed paint to create interesting designs.

    Don't waste the unused paint from the previous pours. Dip your canvas into the run off paint to create another piece. Tilt your canvas in different directions to spread the paint. Make sure paint has reached all sides of the canvas. Let dry.