Additional Materials:

Butcher Block Oil, Stencil Vinyl, Transfer Tape, Ruler, Donuts

About this Project

Do-nut leave without a treat! Create a custom DIY donut stand the HOLE guest list will be talking about!

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  • 1
    Download template and cut onto stencil vinyl using Cricut machine. Weed off excess vinyl and transfer to basswood surface using transfer tape.
  • 2
    Apply artists tape to surface to create a color-blocked shape. Apply paint to the stencil and color-blocked area. Let fully dry then remove stencil vinyl and tape.
  • 3
    Apply a wash of butcher's block oil to the entire surface and wood dowels. Let fully dry.
  • 4
    Measure and place dots where dowels will be attached. Space out each dowel according to size of desired donuts so they won't overlap or collide. Attach dowels with wood glue. If desired, secure dowels with a screw through back of wood.
  • 5
    Cut and adhere flowers and greenery as desired. Place donuts onto dowels, and rest wood surface onto a wood easel or against a wall.