Additional Materials:

Zip Ties, Plastic Canvas

About this Project

Without rain there would be no rainbows. Without the A.C. Moore Craftologists, there would be no rainbow rose wreaths! Brighten up your door decor with a deco-mesh summer wreath.

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  • 1
    Place wreath on top of plastic canvas. Trace around the inside of the wire frame. Cut out plastic canvas and zip tie to wreath form.
  • 2
    Cut a 10 inch piece of deco mesh. Fold in half, then fold one side to the opposite side creating a triangle (petal). Zip tie one end of the triangle to the middle of the plastic canvas. Fold ends of the deco mesh around and glue together. Cut off excess.
  • 3
    Create another deco-mesh triangle and attach to canvas. Glue ends around the first triangle you added. Continue adding petals, securing each to the wreath and gluing in place. As the rose grows, cut longer pieces of deco mesh.
  • 4
    For the last layer, secure the petal with its tail feeding in toward the center. Glue any loose ends.