Additional Materials:

12x12" Acetate Sheets, Balsa Wood

About this Project

Looking for a sign? Why not make one yourself! Create a DIY letterboard featuring your favorite phrase or a custom Cricut design from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1
    Take frame apart and discard matting and glass layers. Take the back (black) surface and flip around to show through front of frame. Set into frame.
  • 2
    Trim balsa strips (1" x 36" and 1.4" x 36") into 11" pieces. Apply smaller strip onto one edge of the longer strip and adhere with wood glue. Let dry.
  • 3
    Stain shelves. Place all shelves into frame, each spaced 2.8" apart. Adhere with hot glue and let dry.
  • 4
    Trim acetate sheets into multiple 11 x 2.5" rectangles.
  • 5
    Download attached template. Cut out quote using Cricut machine or create your own custom design. Weed and discard excess vinyl. Transfer quote onto acetate with transfer tape and set in place. Remove and discard transfer tape.