10 Materials Needed:

FolkArt Milk Paint-38934 Britches, 38906 Pink Dogwood, 38921 Pirate Black, 38904 Milky White, 38938 Finishing Oil, 38992 Small Milk Paint Brush (or medium flat brush), Delta 7x10 Stencil Trim Designs 970770710, Sand Paper, Old Stencil Brush to Splatter, Paint Tape

About this Project

Make this little mermaid part of your world. This wood painted and stenciled design is a perfect accompaniment to your nautical themed decor.

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  • 1

    Tape off bottom of Mermaid, paint with Milky White and let dry.

    Paint top of Mermaid as shown with Britches, let dry.

    Paint top of Mermaid with Milky White and let dry.

    Paint tail with Pink Dogwood and let dry.

  • 2

    Stencil the shell trim design onto the tail as shown in picture. Repeat as desired.

    Sand the top heavily revealing lots of the Tan color. Sand the tail just a little to distress white around edges.

    Using old stencil brush and Black, splatter as shown and let dry.

    Finish following basic instructions on Finishing Oil. Let dry.