9 Materials Needed:

Nicole’s Stitch Studio Supreme Yarn, Assorted Yarn, Clover Pom Pom Makers, Fabric Scissors, Wire Wreath Form, Felt, Hot Glue, Pet Brush, Metal Welcome Sign

About this Project

Create an unbe-weave-able welcome wreath for your front door! Brush out colorful pom-poms and cut out felt flowers to complete the design.

  • 1
    Cut yarn to desired workable length.
  • 2
    Leaving a tail, begin to weave over and under wire rings. On the first row, weave over the 1st and 3rd rung, and weave under the 2nd and 4th rung. For the second row, weave under 1 and 3, and over 2 and 4. Continue until entire wreath is covered.
  • 3
    Tie together any loose ends.
  • 4
    Create pom-poms. Brush out pom-poms with a pet brush for a soft and fluffy look.
  • 5
    Create felt flowers. Cut a strip of felt and fold in half lengthwise with a strip of glue holding it together. On the folded edge, cut slits about halfway down, along the length of the strip. Roll and glue together.
  • 6
    Hot glue pom -poms, flowers, and metal sign to wreath.