14 Materials Needed:

Glass Block, Wood Base, Single Bulb Accessory Cord, Glitter Snowy Accents, White Glitter Tulle, Frosted Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint: Pale Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, White, Scissors, Hot Glue, Fan Paint Brush, Flat Paint Brush

About this Project

Lighten up the long nights of winter with a bright and beautiful glass block. Use glass spray paint to add an extra layer of frostiness to your design, and finish with happy little trees.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    On the back of the glass block, paint a 2-inch circle with pale yellow paint. Blur the edges by dragging a flat paint brush from the center of the circle to the outside.

  • 2
    Spray the front and sides of the glass block with the frosted spray paint. Let dry.
  • 3
    Paint a snowy scene on the bottom third of the block. Add green trees by painting a trunk then using a fan brush in a zig-zag pouncing motion to create the branches. Start with the dark green paint and then add a second layer of light green for highlight. Add snow at the end.
  • 4
    Paint the wooden base dark green. Add a layer of glitter snowy accents.
  • 5
    Place the bulb into the bottom of the glass block. Place block onto base. Use tulle to create a bow and glue on top of the block.