7 Materials Needed:

Cricut, Cardstock, 12x12 Shadowbox, Hot Glue, Craft Knife, (10) 1/8 x 1/2 x 36 Balsa Strips, Mini LED Lights

About this Project

Light up the longest night of the year with this layered paper winter scene. Create the intricate design using a Cricut machine, teeny lights and a shadowbox frame.

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  • 1
    Download template. Resize template to 11.5 x 11.5. Print, trace and cut cardstock using Cricut. Cut a sixth sheet of white cardstock to same measurements.
  • 2
    Cut a 36 Balsa strip into two 12 strips, and two 5 strips. Repeat on all 10 strips.
  • 3
    Starting with the back white layer, apply both 12 strips of balsa wood onto the top and bottom of the cardstock with hot glue. On the left and right side, apply two 5 strips onto the top and bottom of the side, leaving 1/2 of space in the middle; this is where the LED lights will be placed in later. Repeat this step and create a second layer of wood to add height. Let dry, then apply the next layer of cardstock with hot glue on top. Let dry. Repeat on all layers.
  • 4
    Thread the LED lights into each layer of cardstock through the 1/2 gap and pull through the other end to continue onto the next layer. Thread the battery box through the bottom. Secure with tape in back.
  • 5
    Take excess Balsa strips and layer together with hot glue. Adhere onto the back white layer of cardstock and the closure of the shadowbox frame to set in place. Let dry. TIP: Mask any exposed borders around the shadowbox with a frame of cardstock.