15 Materials Needed:

Wooden Mailbox, Red Glitter Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint: Turquoise, Red, Metallic Silver, Scrapbook Paper, Paper Trimmer, Paper Punches, Scrapbook Adhesive, Baker's Twine, Foam Sticker Letters, Screwdriver, Paint Brushes, Painter's Tape, Hot Glue

About this Project

You've got mail! Have your students send each other funny Valentines and store them in an adorable holder 'til the big day.

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  • 1
    Unscrew flag and front door from wooden mailbox and paint turquoise. Paint small knob red.
  • 2
    Tape off leg of base. Apply red spray paint to rest of box. Let dry then remove tape from leg. Paint leg with silver paint.
  • 3
    Screw flag and front door back onto mailbox.
  • 4
    Use scrapbook paper and punches to create decorative pieces and hot glue onto the mailbox. TIP: Layer scrapbook paper before punching to create a multi-papered shape.
  • 5
    Create a banner out of scrapbook paper and baker’s twine and glue to front of mailbox.
  • 6
    Place sticker letters for a personalized message.