6 Materials Needed:

Scene-A-Rama Showbox, Assorted Paint Colors & Paint Brushes, Nicole Crafts Wiggle Eyes in Two Different Sizes Foam Pouncers Glue Gun & Glue Sticks, Beacon Zip Dry Paper Glue, Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Bubble Wrap Magazine Pages Toilet Paper Roll Water Bottle Cap & Scissors

About this Project

Right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things surround you! By upcycling a few things from around the house and using your favorite craft supplies, you can easily create an under the sea coral reef diorama.

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  • 1
    Paint the box a shade of Blue for the ocean and Beige for the sand, and let dry. Find pictures of coral reefs online or in magazines and, using them as a guide, paint different coral and seaweed on the back and the sides of the box, and let dry.
  • 2
    Measure and cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit the bottom of the box. Paint the bubble wrap different colors using the pouncer. When dry, hot glue it to the bottom of the box. Tip: Remember to use the low setting on the hot glue gun and ask an adult to help.
  • 3
    Cut out squares of bubble wrap and paint each one a different color. When the squares are dry, roll the ends into the center and glue to the inside of the box for small coral pieces. To create long coral pieces, roll up pieces of a magazine page and glue with paper glue to secure. Glue smaller rolled pieces to a larger rolled piece to create long coral piece. Paint the long coral different colors. When dry, hot glue to the bottom of the box between the bubble wrap coral.
  • 4
    To create seaweed, paint and glue several squares of magazine pages together with paper glue. Cut out some seaweed. Hot glue to the bottom of the box between bubble wrap coral.
  • 5
    Then, make sea aninimals:
    Fish: Cut a large square from a magazine page. Shape it into the fish body. Lay the body onto a magazine page and draw the fins around the body. Cut the fins out and glue them to the back of the body with paper glue. Look up a clown fish on the computer to see how to paint your fish. When dry, hot glue to a long coral.
    Jellyfish: Cut skinny strips of bubble wrap. Glue the ends of the strips into the bottle cap. When the glue is dry, hot glue it to the top inside of the box.
    Octopus: Cut one end of the toilet paper roll and glue it onto itself to close the end. Cut the other end into 8 sections for the legs. Curl the legs. Paint the octopus any color or combination of colors. Let dry. Glue the 10 mm wiggle eyes to the face. Hot glue to the bottom of the box.
    Eel: Roll a strip of bubble wrap and glue to hold. When the glue is dry, flatten the rolled tube and cut one end pointed and cut a slit in the other end for the mouth. Paint the eel any color or combination of colors. Let dry. Glue the 7 mm wiggle eyes to the eel. Place the eel so he is curled around the coral. Hot glue the eel in place.