9 Materials Needed:

Clover Pom Pom Maker, Studio Classic Yarn: White, Black, Gentle Brown, Stitch Studio Autumn Woods: Red/Burgundy, Scissors, Pink and White Felt, Gold Chenille Stem, Hot Glue

About this Project

Make some marvelous and mythical unicorn pompoms! Create mini ears using pink and white felt and a magical unicorn horn using a gold chenille stem.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    1st Half: See project template for illustration

    Muzzle: Starting on the outer third of the pompom maker, wrap half in deep section of the gentle brown yarn. Wrap a small amount of black just inside the left side of the brown to create the nostrils. Cover with more brown yarn.

    Face: In the middle section, wrap 1/4 section in white yarn. Wrap small section of black in middle of white yarn to make the eyes. Cover with more white yarn.

    Mane: Lay your finger along the edge of the pom-pom make to create longer loops. Wrap the Autumn Woods yarn around the pom-pom maker and your finger for 2-3 layers. Wrap the rest in white yarn.

    Close this half of the pompom maker.

  • 2

    2nd Half:

    1. Use your finger to create long loops of the Autumn Woods yarn just over half the length of the pom-pom maker, about 2-3 layers. (Make sure this section sits right next to the section of Mane from the previous half.)

    2. Wrap the rest of this half of the maker with white yarn, filling in next to the Mane as well.

    Close this half of the pompom maker. Cut along channel and tie with piece of yarn. Remove from maker.

  • 3

    When trimming, gather up all the mane yarn in one hand then carefully trim the face/head to desired shape. Then clean up mane. Cut out two ears from pink and white felt, then glue on either side of the mane. Create a horn with a gold chenille stem by wrapping around a cone-shaped object or your pinkie finger. Glue horn in front of mane.