15 Materials Needed:

Candy Melts: Bright White, Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Mini Chocolate Bar Mold, Piping Bags or Squeeze Bottles, Piping Tips: #1, #2, #6, Pearl Dust: White, Pink, Gold, Multicolored Sprinkles, Decorating Brushes, Parchment Paper

About this Project

What's the only thing that can make s'mores more delicious? Unicorns! Mold some magical mini white chocolate bars, perfect for out-of-this-world outdoor treats.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Unicorn Face:

    Tape a piece of parchment paper over template. Use Tip #2 to pipe bright white chocolate melts in template shapes. Let set.

    Use Tip #6 to fill chocolate mold cavities with the bright white chocolate. Tap mold on surface to release air bubbles and to fill in small details. Let set.

    Once the white bars are set, remove from mold. Use Tip #1 to draw two lash lines with purple chocolate.

    Pipe on the mane using the light blue candy melts, then quickly cover or dip in colored sprinkles.

    Use the blue chocolate to attach ears and horn. Once slightly set, use gold and pink pearl dust to add color to the horn and ears.

  • 2

    Unicorn Spirit:

    Lightly sprinkle pearl dusts inside molds. Leave some areas open.

    Fill in small patches of with pink, purple, and blue chocolate.

    Fill in the rest of the mold with white chocolate. Tap mold on surface to release air bubbles. Let set.

    Remove from mold and pipe a thin line of chocolate around edge of bar, then dip in sprinkles.