Additional Materials:

Adhesive Foam, Large Black Tub, Large Googly Eyes, Small Colorful Googly Eyes, Zip Ties, Bulletin Board Paper

About this Project

Make a spooky display for your trunk or treaters! The A.C. Moore Craftologists have gathered some tips and tricks for you to make your trunk the best of the lot.

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  • 1

    Use a roll of bulletin board paper to create the backdrop for your scene.

  • 2

    Glue the premade foam circles on to the tri-fold to make floating eyeballs.

  • 3

    Create monster eyes by cutting and attaching adhesive foam to Styrofoam discs. Cut fuzzy chenille stems and poke into the Styrofoam to create bold eyelashes. Hot glue googly eyes onto foam balls to create smaller eyeballs.

  • 4

    Create monster teeth by cutting two layers of foam into triangles and gluing together. This will keep the foam teeth sturdy.

  • 5

    Create a fun monster candy bucket! Cut 6” of mesh tubing and pinch together. Attach to the inside of the bucket with hot glue and let cool. Repeat this step until the entire front of the bucket has green monster hair. Glue a googly eye onto the center of the bucket and wrap with mesh tubing to create a cyclops.

  • 6

    Use clear packing tape to attach items onto your car. If necessary or during windy weather, use zip ties to keep décor in piece.

  • 7

    Work in layers: Start with the backdrop paper, add the tri-fold, attach the teeth, add the feather boas, then finish with the giant eyeballs. Work smaller details into the design after you’re done layering.