3 Materials Needed:

Any Size Main Line Clay Pot(s), Mosaic Mercantile Mosaic Tiles Adhesive & Grout, Protective Goggles & Plastic Bag (optional - see step 3) DIsposable Bowl Hammer Sponge Rubber Gloves & Craft Stiick

About this Project

Piece-by-piece, these stunning tile mosaic clay pots are the perfect way to show off your potted plants this year. Check out more clay pot projects by clicking here.

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  • 1
    Clean clay pot surface(s) with paper towel. Apply adhesive to both the tile and the clay pot. Pour the adhesive into a disposable bowl and use a sponge brush to apply. If you get any adhesive in a spot where you don't want it, remove it with a wet sponge.
  • 2
    Apply mosaic tiles in desired pattern to the clay pot(s) until there are no empty spaces on the pot. Follow package for further instructions and drying time.
  • 3
    To make smaller tile pieces, turn tiles upside down onto a piece of paper so the back is facing up. Tap the back of the tiles with a hammer until they crack. You may also want to wear protective goggles and put a plastic bag over the pieces before you start hammering.
  • 4
    Use a craft stick to apply grout in between tiles. (Remove any excess with a wet sponge.) Follow package for further instructions and drying time. Use a damp sponge to clean mosaic tiles.