12 Materials Needed:

2" Styrofoam Ball, Birch Coasters, 12" Wood Dowels, Acrylic Paint, Basswood Plank, Jute Rope, Jute Twine, Plaid Ribbon, Wood Stem, Hot Glue, Scissors, Paintbrush

About this Project

What are you thankful for? We're thankful for this cornucopia of gratitude, perfect for this year's Thanksgiving table.

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  • 1
    Cornucopia: Place seven dowel rods into Styrofoam evenly spaced to create a cone shape. Reinforce with hot glue and let dry. Prop the cone up and wrap the jute rope around the dowels in an upward motion, sealing each layer down with hot glue. Leave approximate 8 inches of rope. Cut the Styrofoam ball off and wrap jute on top of dowels to mask. Let dry.
  • 2
    Birch Pumpkins: Paint small circles onto birch coasters and let dry. Cut 4 inches of ribbon and fold in half. From the outer edge, cut out a wedge creating two half-moons. Glue moons together with the seam running down the middle. Clip 1 inch of wood stem down to create pumpkin stem. Attach stem and ribbon leaf to top of birch coaster and let dry.
  • 3
    Paint entire basswood plank and hand-paint flowers and autumn leaves. Let dry. Place cornucopia onto plank and place pumpkins inside.
  • 4
    Write thankful wishes onto birch pumpkins with markers.