12 Materials Needed:

12-inch Wire Wreath, 6-inch Styrofoam Ball, 2 10-inch Yellow Rattan Deco Mesh, 10-inch Red Rattan Deco Mesh, 2.5-inch Burlap Ribbon, Jute, Chenille Stems, Greenery Pins, Styrofoam Knife, Scissors, Hot Glue, Quick Dry Glue

About this Project

Let the sunshine in even on the darkest days. Brighten your door decor with a sunflower wreath made with yellow and red shades of raffia deco mesh and burlap ribbon.

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    Download and print template.


    Cut the 6-inch Styrofoam ball in half. Use quick-dry glue to attach jute in a spiral pattern on the rounded side of the ball. Cut lengths of burlap ribbon 18 long. Fold in half so the long edges touch. Fold the ribbon in an accordion pattern every 1.5 inches, then glue around edge of center. Repeat until the ribbon goes all the way around the Styrofoam ball.
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    Create a web in center of wire wreath with the jute (see diagram). This will be where you attach the center later. Cut deco mesh into 10-inch lengths, creating 10 x 10 squares. You will need 24 yellow squares and 12 red squares. To create the petals, fold each square corner to corner, then gather material in center and fold to create two points. Attach to wire wreath with chenille stems. For outer ring, use three yellow petals per section. For the middle ring, use two red petals per section placed in between the outer rings petals. For the inner ring, use one yellow petal per section, centered between the previous red ones.

    Attach center to web by placing greenery pins into the Styrofoam ball from the back.