4 Materials Needed:

Nicole Crafts Glass Block Dual Temperature Glue Gun & Star LED Lights Set, Your Choice of Cardstock(s) Paper Punch(es) & Washi Tape(s), Surebonder Glue Sticks, Scissors & Wax Paper

About this Project

Quickly create bright décor that sticks out with some washi tape, a glass block, and a few basic craft supplies.

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  • 1
    Apply washi tape onto wax paper, covering area bigger than the shape you will punch out.
  • 2
    Use a combination of different washi tapes by overlapping one over the other. They must overlap so they peel off as one sticker.
  • 3
    Hole punch the wax paper over the washi tape. Peel it off the wax backing and stick it to the glass block.
  • 4
    Lay the glass block on cardstock, design side up, and trace it. Cut out the shape from the cardstock. Apply hot glue to the edges of the backside of the glass block and attach the cardstock.
  • 5
    Put a string of star lights into the glass block, and bring the battery end to the back, tape to secure.