5 Materials Needed:

FloraCraft Make It: Fun Styrofoam 12 Flat Wreath, Green and Bulky Stitch Studio by Nicole Yarn, Foam Zone 9 x 12 Adhesive Back Glitter Sheets in Green & Gold, Elmer's Washable White School Glue, Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

You wont need the luck of the Irish to create this festive St. Patricks Day wreath. However, you will need some foam, yarn, and a few basic craft supplies.

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  • 1
    Wrap the yarn around the Styrofoam wreath, gluing the ends to secure.
  • 2
    Download and print the template. Use it to cut out the shapes from the glitter foam. Do not remove the backing from the foam horseshoes. Instead, arrange and glue the horseshoes around the wreath.
  • 3
    Remove the backing from the shamrocks and attach them between the horseshoes. Remove the backing from the letters and attach them where desired.
  • 4
    Cut a 12 piece of yarn and tie it around the top of the wreath to create a hanger.