13 Materials Needed:

Wooden Spoon, Fine Point Sharpie Markers, Hot Glue, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Rubber Bands, Scissors, Paper, Baby Yarn, Cupcake Liners, Embroidery Floss, Glitter, Rhinestones, Tulle

About this Project

Don't play with your food, but DO play with these adorable wooden spoon dolls. Make your own new best friends using these simple steps.

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  • 1
    Draw a face on the back of your spoon lightly in pencil. When you are satisfied, trace over it with a Sharpie marker. Do not press the marker down too hard or it may bleed.
  • 2

    To create a skirt or dress, cut a circle out of paper and wrap around the base of the spoon. Secure with hot glue.

    For a layered skirt look, cut a cupcake liner in half and remove the center. Tacky glue one liner on top of another.

    For a ballerina tutu, tie a piece of yarn around the base of your spoon. Cut 5-inch pieces of tulle and tie in knots around yarn.

    TIP: If your paper is thick and hard to keep in place, roll it around the spoon and place rubber bands around it. This will help the paper mold into a rounded shape.

  • 3

    To create the hair, hot glue strands of yarn in stages, beginning with a few at a time. Once the hair has dried in place, you can create virtually any hair style. Use a rubber band to secure buns and braids. You can go back and embellish with ribbons or rhinestones.