Additional Materials:

White Plastic Canvas, Black Foam, White Foam, Orange Felt, 8" Wireform Wreath, Black Felt, Styrofoam Cone, 5.5" White Deco Mesh Ribbon

About this Project

Win "best in snow" when this Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath is hanging on your front door! Create frosty deco-mesh décor with tips from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1

    Cut plastic canvas to fit slightly larger than innermost circle of wireform wreath. Tie canvas onto circle with chenille stems to secure in place.

  • 2

    Cut (85) 7” squares of deco mesh. Cut (30) chenille stems into thirds. Rotate squares to create diamonds. Fold up sides and pinch together to create a bow. Twist the center of the bow and tie together with a chenille stem. Repeat with all 85 squares.

  • 3

    Begin tying on deco mesh bows onto entire wireform wreath until full. Tie onto plastic canvas to fill space.

  • 4

    Print template. Trace and cut mouth, eyes, and hat onto foam and felt. Glue eye details together and adhere both eyes and mouth to wreath. Let dry.

  • 5

    Cover your cut-out hat foam pieces with felt using hot glue. Let cool. Glue top, bottom, and main body of hat together. Let cool. Cut out 10” of plaid ribbon and secure onto hat with hot glue. Let cool and glue hat onto top left of wreath and let cool.

  • 6

    Cut, fold, and wrap orange felt around Styrofoam cone. Adhere together with hot glue and let cool. Trim edges of cone if necessary. Hot glue finished felt carrot nose onto center of wreath to complete the face.