8 Materials Needed:

Mason Jar With Lid in Size of Your Choice, 60mm or 80mm Clear Plastic Detachable Ornament, Cardstock in Color or Pattern of Your Choice, Mini Tree Decorations, Fake Snow, Bakers Twine, Scissors, Pencil

About this Project

Shake up the holiday gift giving routine this year by making a DIY snow globe mason jar topper. These easy-to-make lids are the perfect accent to your kids' gifts for teachers, classmates, friends or family.

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  • 1
    Trace the inner circle of mason jar lid onto cardstock and cut out the resulting circle.
  • 2

    If possible, tacky glue the paper circle onto the inner part of the mason jar lid, and then glue onto the inside rim and let dry. If lid does not come apart, tacky glue paper to the top of the lid and let dry.

    Tacky glue mini tree decorations to paper that is glued to the lid and let dry.

    Add snow to top of paper.

  • 3

    Open ornament into two halves and glue around the base of one of the halves or glue around the edge of the paper attached to the mason jar lid and let dry.

  • 4

    Tie ribbon around the base of the ornament. TIP: If you leave the plastic ornament hanger in the front, you can feed the ribbon through the hole and create a name tag holder.