11 Materials Needed:

Skull Candle Holder, Tall Glass Cloche, Candle, Floral Foam, Butterflies, 19-Gauge Wire, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Knife, Wire Cutters, Hot Glue

About this Project

Bring your Halloween decorating to light with a spooky skull candle holder. Fake the dripping candle look using melted hot glue and your choice of paint.

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  • 1
    Create a faux wax drip by holding the hot glue gun at an angle along the edge of the candle holder. Release hot glue until it spills over the edge. Let dry. Paint if desired.
  • 2
    Cut floral foam to the width of candle holder. Place foam into holder.
  • 3
    Cut wire to desired length. Insert wire into candle holder. Be sure to leave room for the candle to fit in holder. Wire will be held in place by the floral foam.
  • 4
    Paint candle to desired color. Let dry before you insert into holder.
  • 5
    Bend the wire around the candle. Attach butterflies to the wire with hot glue or clips.
  • 6
    Place holder in tall glass cloche.