15 Materials Needed:

Love Nicole Shakers, Love Nicole Paper, Love Nicole Trick or Treat Pad, Love Nicole Paper Trimmer/Scoring Board, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Mod Podge, Adhesive Foam Squares, Glass Cleaner, Paint Brush, Scissors, Pencil, Embellishments: Glitter, Spiders, Stickers, Sequins

About this Project

Shake things up with a pretty paper project or greeting card. Add glitter, beads, sequins and other embellishments from the Love Nicole Shaker collection.

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  • 1
    Make the card base by using a paper trimmer cut paper to desired size. Score paper in the center to create the fold line. Cut accent paper to desired size and stick to paper using the dimensional foam squares. This will add a multi-layered look to the card.
  • 2
    To create shakers, remove the top protective layer from the foam center. Place the clear plastic shape on top of the foam center. Leave some of the adhesive exposed around the edges. Place paper with image onto the remaining exposed adhesive. This will create the top layer of the shaker. Tip: You can DIY this top layer by covering in Mod Podge and adding glitter. Shake off excess.
  • 3
    Flip shaker over. Add embellishments such as sequins, glitter or beads. Tip: If you are using glitter, spray glass cleaner onto the plastic. Wipe cleaner off completely, and then add the glitter. This will remove any static.
  • 4
    Remove protective layer from the adhesive and stick paper to the back. Tip: You can DIY this back piece by tracing the image onto a piece of paper. Cut out shape and use instead of the backer paper provided.
  • 5
    Stick completed shaker to card using Quick Dry glue or foam squares. Add embellishments as desired.