16 Materials Needed:

Tall Wood Pumpkin, Craft Felt: Black, White, Yellow, Pink, Silver Chenille Stems, Acrylic Paint, Black, Dark Purple, Dark Orange, Green, Scrapbook Paper: Yellow: Dark Orange, Orange Glitter, Paint Brushes, Scissors, Hot Glue

About this Project

You're gonna FLIP over these reversible DIY project! Create a cute Halloween kitty on one side, then turn things around with a pretty penguin for the holidays. Catch the flipside on this page.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Remove pumpkin from base, paint base black. Paint wood pumpkin with dark purple paint, add dark orange to the bottom for the inside of the pumpkin, and green paint for the stem.

  • 2
    Cut out template pieces from materials listed. Glue the Top Pumpkin Segments to their matching shadows, then glue the segments onto the full top pumpkin shape. Repeat for the bottom pumpkin.
  • 3
    Glue Cat Body, and Tail onto wood pumpkin. Glue legs, eyes and nose onto cat. Cut chenille stems and glue onto face for whiskers.
  • 4
    Glue Top Pumpkin and Bottom Pumpkin over the Cat.
  • 5
    To create the reverse side of the project, follow the instruction on this page.