7 Materials Needed:

Nicole Crafts 6"? Wood Letters in R E A and D Acrylic Paints in Grey White Red Sea Green Light Blue and Orange Foamtastic 9?" x 12?" Sheets in Royal Blue Green and White a Package of Multi-Color Chenille Stems Red and Blue Stitch Studio by Nicole Yarns & 10 mm Wiggle Eyes, Lara?'s Crafts New Image Company 1?" Wood Blocks, CPE The New Image Group 9?" x 12"? Felt Sheet in Red, Clover Pom Pom Maker in Large, Black Sharpie Marker, Aleene?'s Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Toilet Paper Tube Foam Pouncers Paint Brushes Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

Motivate your children to read by making crafts inspired by books. Though we chose the beloved characters of Dr. Seuss to paint some letters and cut some foam shapes, you could also use pink paint and foam to commemorate Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. Or greens and yellows for Puff the Magic Dragon. The possibilities of this project and potential your child will reach by reading and creating are endless! You can further your child's creativity and reading by checking out these book-inspired projects!

  • 1
    Download and print the templates before starting.
    Glue two square blocks to the back of each letter about 1/8"? from the bottom so the letters will stand.
  • 2
    Letter R: Paint the letter and blocks Grey and let dry. Cut the toilet paper tube to a 3"? piece. Paint the tube White and let dry. Paint three Red stripes on the tube and let dry. Cut the hat brim from White foam using the template. Glue the painted tube to the hat brim. Let the glue set. Glue the hat to the top right corner of the letter. Cut the bow tie from Red felt using the template. Glue to the bottom right of the letter.
  • 3
    Letter E: Paint the letter and blocks White and let dry. Use the foam pouncers to make Red, Orange, Sea Green and Light Blue dots on the letter and let dry. Cut ZOO letters from Green foam using the template. Glue the foam letters to the top of the wood letter.
  • 4
    Letter A: Paint the letter and blocks Sea Green and let dry. Cut the fish shape from Royal Blue foam using the template. Glue on the wiggle eyes. Draw lines on fish with marker as shown. Cut two small pieces of Blue yarn and glue to the back of the fish?'s head.
  • 5
    Letter D: Paint the letter and blocks Sky Blue and let dry. Twist one Yellow and one Black chenille stem together. Cut off two inches on one end. Create a Red pom pom, using the instructions on the pom pom maker. Glue the pom pom to the end of the twisted stems and glue additional stems to the side of the letter.