15 Materials Needed:

Chain, Wire Cutters, Round-Nose Pliers, Metal Charms, 6mm Jump Rings, 2 Snap Clips, Rhinestone Gems, Felt, Hot Glue, Quick Grip Glue, Snap Clips, Scissors, Sharpie, Plastic Headbands, Adhesive Pearls

About this Project

Add some oomph to your updo with DIY hair accessories for prom. Use charms and adhesive gems to create a draping hair chain, rhinestone clips and pearl headband.

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  • 1

    Draping Hair Chain

    Cut chain into two 10.5-inch pieces and one 10-inch piece.

    Using round nose pliers, open jump rings and attach the three chain ends to one of the snap clips. Close jump ring

    Attach the remaining ends to the second snap clip.

    Locate the middle of each chain and add metal charms with jump rings.

  • 2

    Rhinestone Clips

    Place snap clip onto felt and trace outer edge with a Sharpie. Cut out shape.

    Remove adhesive back from the rhinestones. Hot glue onto felt and let dry.

    Open snap clip. Attach felt onto snap clip using quick grip glue. Be sure to keep the snap clip open while drying.

  • 3

    Pearl Headband

    Remove adhesive from pearls.

    Place onto plastic headbands in desired pattern.