7 Materials Needed:

Various 2" Pom-Poms, 1/2" Pom-Poms, 5mm Pom-Poms, Chenille Stems, Pink Craft Felt, Scissors, Hot Glue

About this Project

Everybody needs some bunny sometime. Create adorable Easter bunnies using pom-poms, felt, and chenille stems.

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    1. Take one 2 pompom and flatten the sides to form a triangular shape for the head. Tip: Use two-tone pom-poms for added dimension.

    2. Glue 5mm black pom-poms to either side of the head for eyes.

    3. Glue two 1/2" pom-poms together to create muzzle, then attach a pink 5mm pom-pom to the top for the nose. Glue to front of head.

    4. Cut 4 inches from chenille stem, fold it in half leaving a rounded edge. Glue the ends together to form the shape of the ear. Glue onto a piece of pink felt, pushing the felt between the edges of the chenille stem. Trim excess felt from the backside of ear as close to the chenille stem as possible. Repeat to form second ear. Glue both ears to back of head.

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    Sitting Body:

    1. Glue two 2 pom-poms together to form body.

    2. Glue two pom-poms together to form a foot. Repeat to make four feet in total.

    3. Glue the four feet to the body, two to the front pom-pom and two to the back pom-pom.

    4. Glue a white pom-pom to back to create tail. Glue the head on top of the front pom-pom.

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    Standing Body:

    1. Glue one 2 pom-pom on top of a denser 2 pom-pom.

    2. Cut a 4 piece of chenille stem and fold over, leaving a rounded edge. Glue two 1/2 pom-poms together, then glue folded chenille stem on top to create foot. Repeat for second foot.

    3. Glue feet to bottom of dense pomp-om. Glue a white 1/2 pom-pom to dense pom-pom to create tail.

    4. Glue two 1/2 pom-poms together to create an arm. Repeat for second arm.

    5. Glue arms to front of top pom-pom. Glue head to top pom-pom.