Additional Materials:

Deco Mesh 5 1/2" Red, Deco Mesh 5 1/2" Green, Red Plastic Canvas, Red Foam Sheet, Ornaments, Wire Floral Wreath Form

About this Project

This wreath is an easy way to make your front door holiday-ready! Create gorgeous deco-mesh décor with tips from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1

    Place plastic canvas underneath wreath form. Trace the inside rim onto the plastic canvas and cut out. Cut chenille stems into thirds.

  • 2
    Tie canvas onto the inside of the wreath using chenille stems. Cut out strips of deco mesh approximately 7" wide.
  • 3

    Fold corners of the deco mesh inward and tie onto outside of the wreath form using chenille stems. You will want to place 3 green strips onto one side of the wire wreath and 2 green strips onto the other side. Fill in with red deco mesh. Continue filling the entire wreath form till you reach the center where the plastic canvas is. Place 4 additional strips onto the plastic canvas.

  • 4
    Cut out red circle of foam and hot glue onto the center of the back of the wreath and let dry.
  • 5
    Hot glue ornaments to the center of the wreath to finish!