2 Materials Needed:

Two CPE The New Image Group 9" x 12" Felt Sheets (one in White and one in Black) Forrester 3/16" x 36" Wood Dowel DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint True Red, Beacon FABRIC-TAC Permanent Adhesive 1" Sponge Brush Scissors Ruler & Small Saw

About this Project

Arrgh, me maties! Only seafaring scoundrels may pass! Mark yer pirate territory with this swashbuckling DIY pirate flag.

Be a great first mate! Post finished project pics: #ACMooreInspired

  • 1
    Download and print the project template, and use it to cut out the skull and bones from the White felt.
  • 2
    Cut one short end of the Black felt rounded, leaving a point on each corner. Cut the other short end into jagged points as shown.
  • 3
    Use fabric glue to attach the skull and bones to the flag as shown.
  • 4
    Cut the dowel to measure 26" and paint it True Red. When it'’s dry, glue the points of the flag around the dowel, and let the glue set.