10 Materials Needed:

2 Embroidery Hoops, Mini Tree Treasure Ornaments and Snowflakes, Mini Sisal Trees, Jingle Bells, Filament Wire, Yarn, Styrofoam Block, Hot Glue, Craft Knife, Ruler

About this Project

Have a kitchy Chrismas with a pastel wreath featuring all your favorite things. Add jingle bells, ornaments, mini trees and yarn for a fun and funky hoop wreath for the holidays.

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  • 1
    Take apart embroidery hoops. Place smaller hoop into the center of larger hoop. Use ruler to determine length between the two hoops. Cut Styrofoam down to that length. Hot glue Styrofoam in between the two hoops. Keep these sections smaller in width, to allow for more ornament space.
  • 2
    Wrap yarn around each Styrofoam section and secure with hot glue. Tie another piece of yarn to the smaller embroidery hoop and string across hoop in various directions to create a dream catcher in the center. Repeat with the filament wire.
  • 3
    Hot glue ornaments to the inside of the embroidery hoops between the wrapped Styrofoam. Gue jingle bells onto ornaments. Hot glue snowflakes to the filament wire.
  • 4
    Cut off base of sisal trees. Hot glue trees to the inside of the smaller hoop.